I feel demons crawling on my legs, biting my flesh hard enough for the thrill, licking my wounds with their long, pointed tongues. Sneaking under my skin, reaching to my skull, making my brain explode, spreading my wings, making me one of them. God gave me existence, but this makes me feel alive and when i don’t have it, i wish i was nonexistent. There’s blood and lust. The whole bed is surrounded by creatures reaching for me like i’m the first feast they had since Genesis. I’m the soul that will destroy morality, humanity. I’m the one who will make mankind kneel to its beheading. The world is mine. And then i fall. I fall through my bed, through the floor, through the concrete, through the earth, back to hell, back home. I open my eyes and reality hits me like i just hit hells floor. Another day to survive between sly and nasty creatures grinning at me with their creepy faces, wearing fake angel masks and fake wings. Faking humanity, faking something that never existed. A failed experiment of an almighty entity. Goodbye, God. It was nice to pray for you.