I fell in love. Thing i didn’t think it could happen again. I fell in love and I’m not scared. No matter what happens i can take it. And i can say i never felt like this before. It’s all so intense. I can feel the love vibrating in every single cell in my body and i cannot and don’t want to control it. It’s taking over me. It’s over my power. I’ve given in to it with all I possess. I often find myself lying in the bed at night, with music in my ears, thinking about him. And then i fly away. I experience some kind of astral projection. I go out of my body and i travel across the Universe, and my soul feels the warmth of his love so deep and so dangerous, but safe at the same time. There’s not enough words to describe it. I could say that i could climb Everest and live there for the rest of my life, i could be exiled into space, i could be left on a deserted island, i could destroy the whole world, i could build a new one as long as he’s with me. If you would only know what goes behind my eyelids… This love makes me want to give up morality, and live a life opposite to what the norms asked for. Sometimes i find myself thinking about how the whole world could burn and i wouldn’t care as long as i hold his hand. Absolution. Commitment. Loyalty. Humility. Lust. Honesty. Love. These are the words that can describe what we have. And i hope it lasts. I must have met him in a previous life and if i die, i’ll try to find him in the next life. You know how, sometimes you meet people and feel you’ve known them for your whole life. I think this is just us. I think we’ve known each other since the beginning of time, before the earth was created. A love as old and deep and immense as the universe, because right in the moment i saw him, there was no mistaking. I knew him and my feelings were triggered. It’s like I’ve been scanning all my life faces until i saw his and recognized it. Sometimes i wish i could get under his skin, and crawl through his veins, deep in his heart. Sometimes i wish i could bite his flesh so hard so he could feel the intensity of my love for him. Sometimes i wish i could just hold him in my arms and never let him go again. Sometimes i feel like we’ve been not two, but a single entity, separated at birth. No matter how much i try to express my feelings, i don’t think i could ever be close to even make an idea of what it’s going on between us. I often see a string coming out of my chest and its end is tied up around his heart. Us.